Arri’s Alexa Mini – Made for Movi M15

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Arri’s Alexa Mini – Made for Movi M15

Last week saw the return of BVE! Crammed wall to wall with Tech heads and millions of pounds of the latest kit, we ventured round the Excel salivating at the mouth. Fixated on what the industry’s latest big release will be! It happens time and time again, whether it be NAB, IBC or BVE manufacturers, they love to demonstrate their latest developments and we knew this year would be no different. We didn’t have to look far or even have to step foot in the exhibition to know what piece of kit was grabbing the headlines. On the train journey to the Excel, news on social media told us exactly what was hot this year. The Arri’s Alexa Mini!

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 12.29.09

Being in the gimbal and Movi operator niche line of work, this release had us more excited than ever. We have had so many enquiries over the past two years regarding Arri Alexa and Movi combination and would it ever be possible. It certainly will be soon with Arri’s beautiful smaller, sleeker carbon fibre ALEXA!

By far the most satisfying part of this news was to discover that Arri had specifically designed the Alexa mini for Movi and drone use. Arri worked very closely with Freefly throughout the design of the Alexa Mini. Together they wanted to create a camera that was the perfect build for Freefly Movi M15 and Cinestar Octocopters – a niche market that has exploded in popularity over the past two years. A market currently dominated by Red Epic/Dragons and Canon cameras (due to their small size and weight), certain manufactures must be a little afraid about the imminent arrival of the Alexa Mini. Especially when you consider that Red’s and C500s are often only used in professional productions because the current Arri Alexa is too large for certain shooting scenarios.


Take a look at this production from Freefly – the first film shot with the Arri Alexa Mini combined with Freefly’s Movi M15 and Cinestar.


Reasons why the Arri Alexa Mini is perfectly crafted for Freefly Movi use;

  • 2.3kgs carbon fibre camera body.
  • Symmetrical optical centre –the camera can be mounted in any orientation specifically for Movi and drone use.
  • External Vlock or Lipo power solutions
  • 2K ProRes up to 200fps and 2.8K ArriRAW up to 30fps — all recording to internal CFast 2.0 cards
  • Built in ND filters – No more front heavy Movi set ups
  • Built in Wifi and antenna to control the camera with smartphones, tablets or laptops.
  • Compatible with the Arri Amira’s viewfinder.
  • Four customizable function buttons on the camera to toggle through settings using an external monitor.
  • WCU-4 hand unit accessory enables the control of all 3 lens motors as well as camera settings.
  • Intelligent lens mount can be added as an accessory. It connects directly to a C motion lens gear that is powered by the camera.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 12.29.59

For a more detailed look at Arri’s Alexa Mini check out this video featuring Product Designer Michael Jonas.


The Alexa mini will begin shipping in May. We anticipate it will become the new premium Freefly Movi M15 camera set up. Very excited to see more images from the combination and get our hands on the kit in the next few months! Freefly’s Movi gimbals continue to take the production industry by storm. Two years ago professional shoots where reluctant to use Movi’s, now Arri are designing cameras that mount within one. How the times have changed…. We told you so 😉

Word on the grapevine is that Freefly plan to release some exciting new additions at NAB in April. Keep posted!!!