Behind The Scenes with the Freefly MOVI M10 – #Tigerblood, sweat and tears..of joy!

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Behind The Scenes with the Freefly MOVI M10 – #Tigerblood, sweat and tears..of joy!

Behind The Scenes with the Freefly Movi M10 – #Tigerblood, sweat and tears..of joy!

We had a brilliantly successful day on the ‘Quality Control’ music video shoot for Cancer Research UK. The Freefly Movi M10 exceeded all expectations as it showed off its true versatility, not only as a handheld camera stabilizer but also as an Indie filmmaker’s number one choice of kit.


We saved a ton on production costs by using the Movi camera stabilizer; given the nature of the shoot and the budget we had to work with, it was most certainly the winning choice over any other camera equipment such as a jib, Steadicam or slider.

The Freefly Movi M10 is available to hire from Movi-Hire from only £249 per day. Where as, hiring an experienced Steadicam and operator could easily cross the £1000 mark. The same applies for hiring a jib or a dolly with the necessary crew for the day; we are definitely talking triple figures. Using a Movi M10 allows for a multitude of cinematic camera moves, all made simple and easy from a single device. No nonsense.

In addition, this piece of kit is perfect for Indie filmmakers looking to explore new techniques that can achieve high production value.

Freefly’s intuitive design of the Movi M10 and it’s clever user interface gives the DOP greater control of what what’s being captured on camera. You have the choice of switching between Majestic Mode (single operator) and Dual Operator Mode (using DX8 remote to control camera frame) and because the stabilisation is so great it makes the framing extremely accurate.


The Movi M10 gimbal system offers an incredibly efficient workflow because you effectively divide the labour of filming between moving the camera around and remotely controlling the frame. This allowed us to shoot a ton of footage in a fraction of the time that it would have taken if we used film equipment like a Steadicam, jib or slider.

Although the initial set-up & balancing of the Movi rig is important and can take up to an hour to perfect, it doesn’t come close to the hours of time it would have taken to set-up and change between a jib, slider and Steadicam. It meant that we were able to shoot 6 different film sequences across dozens of locations in a space of just 6-7 hours. We did this without having to remove or tinker with the camera set-up once.
In fact, the MOVI M10 was so well behaved that the main problem was actually with the camera saving card space and running out of batteries because we were able to shoot continuously for so long!

We were particularly excited about shooting with the MOVI from the back of a golf buggy. -It was as simple as strapping my legs to the back of the golf car, where the golf bags would usually go. This gave me the freedom of moving the rig up and down as far as my body would allow as well as being able to move it almost 360 degrees around the back and side of the buggy.

Our second highlight of the day came when we attempted to fake a jib shot. We found a beautiful medieval-looking lake that was perfect for our Spartan to grab a refreshing drink. In this scene I moved the camera from a water level position to head height, while rotating around the protagonist. A shot like this simply wouldn’t have been possible on a Steadicam because of the tight space next to the river and the nature of the camera movement.

Tears…of joy

Movi Shoot – Behind The Scenes from Movi Hire on Vimeo.

We were shooting on a simple lightweight setup; it weighed about 7 or 8 pounds all rigged up with the Canon 5D MK 3 and follow focus. This was perfect because we were able to move the camera quickly and easily and we didn’t have any restrictions that you’d be faced with when using other camera set ups.

Overall we had a very successful day, capturing over 5 hours of footage for the Rough and Ready music video; I’m sure it will go a long way to help raise money for Cancer Research.

Job Done!Rough and Ready