Behind the scenes with Freefly’s Movi M10 – ‘Tour De Yorkshire – The finish Line’

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Behind the scenes with Freefly’s Movi M10 –  ‘Tour De Yorkshire – The finish Line’

Behind the scenes with Freeflys Movi M10 – ‘Tour De Yorkshire – The finish Line’

The nation and indeed the world went cycle crazy since the Grand Depart made it’s way through the outstanding scenery of the Yorkshire dales. A breathtakingly peaceful environment with magnificent views was transformed into a carnival atmosphere with over one million fans gathering to get a glimpse of the Tour De Yorkshire’s peloton making their way South of the county. What a chance to get our Freefly Movi M10’s involved in our home county!

Working along side our sister production company, Fresh Cut Media, we got the chance to embrace our proud Yorkshire roots by shooting a film (in true Freefly Movi-Style) that would celebrate Yorkshire’s involvement in the Tour.

The Film

This short film follows the plight of a true Yorkshire hero, whom prepares for what appears to be the cycle race of his life. Filmed in a highly cinematic style with shots of beautiful local scenery from the North Yorkshire Dales and Skipton area, this piece is a real homage to our home county.

Unlike other content that has been released lately in conjunction with the Grand Depart, ‘Tour De Yorkshire – The Finish Line’ pokes fun out of the seriousness of cycling and puts a Yorkshire spin on one of the worlds most internationally recognized sporting events. As a small collective of filmmakers we always envisaged contributing something for the Le Tour Yorkshire and saw this short film as a great way of doing so.

Adding Movi to the recipe

We take pride in our obsession with Freefly’s Movi M10, it’s simple, We love all things Movi! We are constantly looking for projects that allow us to incorporate Freefly’s Movi M10 to add fluid camera motion to any sequence. So, when our partners over at Fresh cut presented us with the opportunity to capture a Lycra fitted cyclist, traveling at high speed, in our home county, we were bound to get our Movi’s at the ready! But we had one more special request, “Please Mr. Producer, is there any chance that we could add a Red Epic to our arsenal?” When the response came back as ‘yes’ our crew got geared up for a 3 day Movi M10 x Red Epic shoot… This is our favorite set up – the combination that dreams are made of.

Our idea was to use the Movi M10 to film action shots of the cyclist as he travels at high speed through the Dales in a highly cinematic style making the most of the Red Epics 5k sensor. For anyone who has visited the Yorkshire dales they will have witnessed how narrow and grueling some of these roads are… After heading to the location for a recce, our initial ideas of shooting our cyclist from a moving vehicle with a Movi x Red Epic rig were quickly diminished.

Luckily our good friends, who invented the ‘FLYKA’ electronic dolly, saved the day. – We couldn’t wait to give it a test drive and to strap in our Movi operator, tooled up with his Movi M10 and Red epic tackle!

For any of you out there that is yet to hear of this great filmmaking tool, The FLYKA is a buggy-like vehicle designed to carry a steadicam operator and their kit (it works even better for a Movi operator). The Flyka dolly is narrow enough to fit through a standard doorframe, it can travel up to speeds of 30mph and when compared to a laying track when using traditional dollies, it dramatically reduces the setup time for a shot.

flyka package


If you’re interested in using the Flyka electronic dolly on your production, then please visit their website (

So we had all of our kit at the ready, here’s an overview of our set up for the 3-day shoot:

Freefly Movi M10

Red Epic


Rt Motion Mk3 Remote Follow Focus

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 12.09.14

Paralinx Arrow Plus wireless HD

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 12.10.58

Small HD Montiors

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 12.12.30

Flyka Electric Dolly

Dolly Kickstarter

The Shoot

Day 1(Pub scene) – The first day of filming took place in the north Yorkshire Dales at the Tan Hill Inn. We used this fantastic location to shoot bar scene, as it was literally the oldest, most rural and rustic pub in Yorkshire we could find. With no civilization for 9 miles in every direction and being the highest Inn in England, The Tan Hill was perfect for the short film’s final scene. There wasn’t too much Movi-action on day 1, we mostly used the tripod to capture shoot a couple of nice sequences inside and outside of the pub.

Day 2(Garage scene) – The second day of the shoot we filmed the garage scene. We had our first real chance to warm up them Movi M10 motors; it helped to achieve the smooth opening shot of the film. We made the most of the garage location, which looked like any cyclists paradise, filled with bikes, tools and most importantly – Lycra. We used the Red Epic with 50mm and 100mm Zeiss makro-planar lenses to achieve the tight, slow motion shots that helped build the intro to the film.

Day 3(Full throttle Movi-Madness) – The third day of the shoot was when our Movi-Crew had the chance to demonstrate the great stabilization device that we preach to the nation. We are certain that no other device on the Market could have coped with the conditions we had to film in. It was one of the wettest days of year with torrential downpours and we found ourselves exposed to the full force of nature, being situated at high altitude with no cover in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales. Shooting with over £70,000 worth of camera kit and the shoot was nearly cancelled. Moreover, it turned out that our actor couldn’t ride a bike, so we had to get a body double for half of the shots on day 3!

Of coarse we persevered, #Tiger blood, and in a true Bear Grylls DIY survival -style we used Clingfilm to carefully cover our rig making sure the Movi’s movement wasn’t restricted as well as using black wrap to create a DIY rain cover to protect the RED and avoid water getting on the lens. We filmed in quite a number of different locations on this day, capturing the smoothest camera movement in the game. We followed our cyclist on the Flyka dolly as he rode along the winding roads around Skipton. The combination was unbelievable. Our Movi operator was securely fastened into the Flyka dolly and could easily keep up with the cyclist, capturing all the shots we needed. The Flyka made it possible for our Movi operator to capture a collection of beautifully framed clips from wide shots to close ups of our cyclist and the bicycle. There was no way a vehicle of any other size could have given us this freedom.

We returned from the shoot and were once again reminded of what a beautiful piece of technology we have at our hands. The Movi never fails to impress in any environment it’s put in. The rig completely eliminated all camera shake and jitter our operator experienced, even when it travelled at 20mph on winding weathered Yorkshire roads in gale force winds.

Any filmmaker who is yet to witness Freefly’s Movi M10 will be blown away when they see the capabilities of the gimble system. Recently we have had seasoned Steadicam veterans join our training workshop and have left converted to Movi. It’s definitely a case of you must see it to believe it. Book your place on a workshop today via our website for as little as £100 and receive a discount on your first hire.

The learning curve for Movi is a shallow one compared with that of the Steadicam, but it is not as simple as taking it out the box. You have to remember that it is a pioneering piece of kit and is only about a year old – this means there is no right way of assembling and operating the rig, but there are countless number of wrong ways to do it. We were the first in the UK to have the Freefly Movi M10 rig, so we learnt the hard way. Join our workshops to dramatically reduce your own learning curve – we guarantee you will leave Movi-Hire’s Majestic or Dual operator’s course with the capabilities of setting up, balancing and operating the rig in any professional scenario. This is an incredible opportunity to add Movi to your palette of filmmaking skills!

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You can watch ‘Tour De Yorkshire – The finish Line’ below, as well as the behind the scenes footage from the shoot. We would love to hear your feedback!

Tour De Yorkshire – The finish Line’

Behind the Scenes ‘Tour De Yorkshire – The finish Line’


Tour De Yorkshire – The Finish Line was also an opportunity to pull in local Yorkshire businesses to help them become part of the buzz surrounding the Le Tour Yorkshire. Wilson’s Pies from Crossgates and Woodrup Cycles of Leeds who both feature in the film helped support the production and allowed the original ideas and concepts for the short film become a reality.