Save Time On Set Freefly Movi M10

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Save Time On Set Freefly Movi M10

Freefly Movi M10 – Save Time On Set.

Movi-Hire’s BTS – Micky Yule’s Incredible Story

Glasgow just hosted what looks to be an unforgettable Commonwealth Games. Scotland certainly showed us that it can indeed throw a party of its own, as talk of independence took a back seat while 60 nations battled it out for gold. As for us, we find ourselves in the familiar position of being converted into athletic super fans thanks to the BBC’s teatime broadcasts. This blog, however, isn’t an attempt for Movi-Crew to analyse a sporting occasion, but as ever it’s another chance to let you guys know how we added Freefly’s Movi M10 to mix. It’s another demonstration of how this godly stabilization device can add serious production value to a film, save time on set and make your whole shoot a breeze!

The Movi-Hire Crew worked alongside our sister company Fresh Cut, for their long-term client, The National Lottery. Resulting in a powerful cinematic piece to highlight the impact funding has on British Sport.


Micky Yule

Meet Micky Yule, a former staff sergeant serving with the Royal Engineers in 2010, Yule lost both legs after stepping on an IED whilst on tour in Afghanistan. He has gone on to become a leading name in British power lifting, competing in this years commonwealth games and has high hopes of taking part at the Olympics in Rio. His story is one of horror, heartache and sheer determination. He refuses to dwell on what he’s lost and only focuses on the positive aspects of his life as a double amputee. He is an athlete. A revelation in a Team Scotland vest. An individual who has reclaimed his identity by rediscovering a love of sport. Take it from the Movi-Crew, this guy is an incredibly inspirational character that we could all learn a lesson from.

The Film

The idea of the film was to demonstrate how National Lottery funding has helped Micky to continue to train and reach his goals as a medal-winning athlete. We traveled to his family home in Lincolnshire to first of all record a voice over of his story. The voice over would be accompanied by dramatic, high contrast, cinematic shots of Micky’s preparation and daily training routine. This was all shot in his gym; a converted garage that is now a weight lifters paradise.

It’s not us if it ain’t MOVI

We interviewed Micky and heard his tragic story first hand. The idea of the shoot was to capture high contrast footage that would compliment the dark voice over that Micky had given us. We hoped this would emphasize the struggle he has been through and show the determination he goes through on a day-to-day basis due to his grueling training regimes on his quest to make it to Rio 2016. With the shoot being located in such a small area and heavy gym equipment leaving hardly any room for us work in, this was the perfect opportunity to show how Freefly’s Movi M10 seriously decreases set up times and improves workflow on set. We were using our usually Red Epic x Movi M10 combination, utilizing the Red epics 5k sensor and shooting in high frame rates to capture small motion footage which would further add to the dramatic feel we wanted.



This wasn’t our typical Movi shoot. There weren’t many sequences of serious camera movement, some may say Movi wasn’t necessary but we beg to differ, Freefly’s Movi M10 helps to save time on set! Our thought is that Movi is suited perfectly for these environments. It’s a great example of how Movi can save time on a set, as a cheaper and quicker alternative to using traditional kit such as Dollies and Cranes. With the garage being so small, it would have taken an absolute age to lay track for certain shots. Micky’s training equipment would have needed to be removed to make space for the kit, and believe us when we say, removing his weights would have been a three man job! With a Movi on shoot, our operator could easily manover around the garage. He left the Red epic rolling, and was able capture a huge range of dynamic shots, that we certainly believe rivals that of Dollies, Sliders & Steadicams. We can’t stress enough how much time this saved us, but not only this we had collected ample amounts of great footage in the same time it would have taken to set up for maybe one or two shots using a dolly and track. This seriously benefitted the film in postproduction as our editors had a huge range of footage from different angles to choose takes from. This just wouldn’t have been possible with other kit.








When looking back at the footage, the push in and pull outs our operator recorded look incredibly smooth and it’s hard to believe they didn’t come from a slider of some sort. The whole introduction is made up from these subtle camera movements and we really feel that this adds so much to the production value of the piece. It gives it a different dimension than just your typical tripod set up. For the close up shots of Micky’s hands and muscles, we choose to use Movi over a tripod. The Movi M10 sensors are always working to stabilize the camera, even if the operator made a slight movement the gimble would counteract this and remain perfectly static. Once again this saved us precious time on the shoot and any filmmaker would know how important this is when working with talent.

“Although the Movi’s use was subtle for this particular shoot, it was absolutely crucial to allow us to execute the treatment. When working with athletes, time is very limited and we just wouldn’t be able to execute the range of shots we did within the time frame. Our production values have gone through the roof due to the MoVI’s versatility and the Micky Yule VT is a perfect example of that.”

Kelvin DeSena – National Lottery (Film and Digital Media Manager)

Freefly’s Movi M10 is definitely not the end of conventional camera movement devices such as tripods, sliders, dolly, jib or Steadicam. But the Movi M10 will make film makers think twice about using a lot of that kit when they realize how quickly the device allows operators to perform similar shots in a fraction of the time. Possibly the most important factor of filmmaking is time management. With a product like the Movi M10, that time could be reduced significantly, allowing for much longer shooting periods.

While the Movi M10 isn’t the cheapest of devices around our rental price of £245 a day is significantly lower than the cost of traditional kit. If you consider how much is spent on handheld rigs, sliders, jibs, Steadicams etc… the price of hiring this device quickly becomes a no-brainer. Our expert crew of operators and technicians are also available to hire for a fraction of the price of a Steadicam operator and are often very capable of capturing footage of the same quality.

We have waited for a while for this film to be released but we are happy to announce, that now the commonwealth games have taken place, we have been given the green light to share it with our networks!

Good luck to Micky and his future efforts trying to make the Olympics in Rio, 2016. He is such a cool guy and his positivity is a huge inspiration to us all!


Micky & Crew