The Flyka, High Speed camera dolly

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The Flyka, High Speed camera dolly

The Flyka, 35mph electric camera dolly – A new tool for speed!

It’s now a well known fact the Freefly’s range of Movi gimbals have put the fun back into filmmaking. Freefly’s genius invention has allowed filmmakers to capture smooth footage in the tightest & harshest of locations. The release of Freefly’s Movi M15 earlier this year, well and truly cemented Movi’s place in the realms of professional production. They are now turning up at more and more shoots around the UK, especially in the major production hubs like London, Manchester and Bristol. DOP’s are now able to fly fully loaded Red Epic kits including Mattebox, Filters and a much greater selection of lenses. The Movi M15 is also now capable of flying popular cameras such Sony’s F55, FS700 & Arri Alexa-M. The increased payload of the Movi M15 does however come with one set back – weight! The increased weight of these new Movi set-ups can make it difficult for any operator to achieve fast paced movements, something that was prolific with early M10 footage. However, Freefly’s Movi M15, will remain perfectly smooth during fast paced actions but it’s now the operator that needs to keep up!

We have the answer!

Introducing the Flyka, 35mph, high speed camera dolly, a heavy-duty solution for capturing high speed tracking shots like never before. The combination of a Flyka, high speed camera dolly & Freefly’s Movi M15 opens up a world of opportunity for dynamic camera movement. Whether it is a vigorous sports sequence with athletes, an automotive production or a long-one shot that covers a large distance, this high speed camera dolly is an amazing option for all types of production.

Earlier this month our Manchester crew had the chance to take a ride on the Flyka, high speed camera dolly. Of coarse we had a Movi within our arsenal and wanted to capture some footage from the dolly to see what is was capable of. From the location, we tried to find some interesting motion sequences that would compliment the uses of the electric dolly. We cut together a behind the scenes edit of the day, and although the edit was a spontaneous and very quick production with a few mistakes few and there, it’s clear to see some of the great uses of the Flyka dolly!

The Flyka, high speed camera dolly, can travel up to speeds of 35mph, fit through a standard door frame and it’s modular design means it is easily transportable to a range of shooting locations. The Flyka, high speed camera dolly can hold up to five crew members, all of which can step on and off the vehicle very easily. It’s modular design, makes it very easy to build the dolly in whatever way your shoot intends it to be, travel forward facing or in reverse and with it’s huge, robust tyres the electric camera dolly can function in a range of terrains.

When compared to a laying track when using traditional dollies, the Flyka camera dolly, dramatically reduces the setup time for a shot. No track, less crew members and a top speed of 35mph really does make the Flyka camera dolly a versatile tool that we see a huge amount of potential with in the near future.

In early 2014 we used a smaller, prototype of the new high speed dolly on a production with our sister company ‘Fresh Cut Media’. The production entitled ‘Tour de Yorkshire’, required us to track a cyclist at high speed for long periods of time. The location was within the Yorkshire dales, of coarse the area is home to very narrow roads, filming from any other vehicle would not have been possible. The Flyka dolly was the perfect tool for this job and it definitely added to value to our production. Take a look below at the dolly in action!



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