Movi M10 Music Video – Teaser

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Movi M10 Music Video – Teaser

Here at we enjoy following the mainstream Sunday traditions of country park strolls and afternoon teas, reenactment’s, maypole dancing and hitting up the local car boot sales. So, as you’d expect from any other Sunday afternoon, we found ourselves joining fellow grocery shoppers in one of North London’s finest Tesco car parks. Except, this wasn’t just your average day trip to the supermarket. Instead, we announced our grand entrance by turning up in a brand new Porsche with our Freefly Movi M10 ready to shoot a brand new music video for UK Hip-Hop artist, Jester Jacobs.

It was golden hour when we arrived, the sun was setting under washed out, blazing amber skies. We were kitted with a Canon 5D MK3, an EF 24-70mm f/2.8 lens and of course, the Movi. In view of the darkening skies and the 5D MK3’s limitations in low light, we only had 20 minutes to shoot before the conditions took over. The darkness brought with it a potent winter’s breeze that had the ability to make men weep, despite this, the Movi behaved extremely well and remained completely unaffected by the wind. We’re always excited to shoot with the Movi, and rightly so, as we pulled off some exceptionally smooth shots that you just can’t with your standard steadicam.

Jester Jacobs – Ham Teaser from Fresh Cut on Vimeo.

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