On your marks… Get set… MOVI

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On your marks… Get set… MOVI

The Freefly Movi M10 yet again came into its own when the Movi-Hire team were out on location with Team GB Heptathlete Katarina Johnson-Thomson. We used the Movi to perform a variety of shots some of which were the first of their kind and the results were outstanding.

We started out the shoot by using the Movi to achieve a cinematic lift from behind Katarina beginning low down behind her heals and finishing high up at head height with her silhouette in the foreground and the track ahead in the background as she prepared for the starting launch for the 100m hurdles. The Movi was able to perform the same camera action as that of expensive dollies used in Hollywood by simply lifting the rig slowly from the floor up.

We had to move quickly because of time constraints. Trying to operate a steady cam in rushed conditions like this would be impossible, the set up time alone would make it a no go but the Movi breezed it, no questions asked. The variety of shots your able to achieve with the Movi is revolutionary and I’m pretty sure a couple of the shots we captured that day we’re world firsts! From the tracking shot into the sandpit to the camera tracking the hurdler over each hurdle, the Movi M10 allowed us to capture the pace and motion of the sport in a new and unique way.

The latter was a real test of the Movi’s stabilisation capabilities as it was supported by two crew members holding it up with a pole sprinting as fast they could either side of the hurdles, which understandably would normally produce a lot of camera shake. The resulting shot however, produced the same results as a crane or a skycam but at a fraction of the cost and time.

Katarina Johnson-Thompson – Hurdles Guide from Fresh Cut on Vimeo.