MoVI Pro Hire


Freefly MoVI Pro Hire

1 Day Hire £250 + VAT

3 Day Hire £625 + VAT

7 Day Hire £1000 + VAT

Weekend Hire £250 + VAT

Our Freefly MoVI Pro hire package comes with:

  • MōVI Pro
  • MōVI Ring Pro
  • MoVI Pro Classic Handle
  • 4x MōVI Pro Battery Pack 1.8Ah
  • 2x MōVI Pro Battery Charger
  • 1x COM to FRX Cable
  • 1x MōVI Pro Accessory Bag
  • 1x MōVI Rod Mount Adapter
  • Alexa side plate (Available on request)
  • MoVI ‘Ninja Star’ Adapter Plate  (If applicable)
  • MoVI Dock & C-stand (If applicable)
  • RED Lightweight (skinny) LCD/EVF Cable
  • 2 x Skinny BNC cables
  • Pelicase

If you are looking for a serious Gimbal, Movi-Pro is the answer.

MoVI is back bigger, badder and better. Freefly’s MoVI Pro is available for hire at It’s been totally redesigned to carry large payloads, so suitable for large and small cameras enabling steadicam-type shots with a smaller footprint. Freefly have listened to their users and solved all the niggling issues that surrounded the previous models and the results are quite superb.  MoVI Pro has a range of new features including MoVI Pro ring, hot-swappable battery system, Integrated power source for accessories and camera, Built in scree/Integrated computer system, advanced autotune calibration plus much more. The MoVI Pro is the most advanced 3-axis digital camera stabiliser suitable for camera payloads up to 6.80kg/15lbs. Our Movi-Pro kit also includes a Freefly Mimic which enables the MoVI gimbal to be remotely controlled via user movement – using Movi Handle bars users can just tilt, pan or roll the Mimic and the MoVI will intuitively follow.

Please contact our in house crew to discuss your upcoming production. We can advise you on configuration options and accessories that may be useful for your Movi Pro. Alternatively if you are looking for experienced Movi Pro operators and Technicians look no further.

Give us a call on 0207 412 8925 to book our Movi crew today.   

Compatible Camera Systems;

• Arri Alexa Mini & RED EPIC/RED EPIC Dragon (Very popular combination)
• Sony FS-7
• Sony PMW-F5/F55
• Sony FS700 with limited choice of lenses
• Canon 5D Mk2 and Mk3 and all DSLR form factor cameras
• Canon C500, C300EF and C300PL
• Blackmagic camera

However, the ARRI Alexa plus/Classic/Amira etc are not compatible with the MoVI Pro.

Powering the MoVI Pro

Our Movi Pro packages comes with 4 x Freely Movi battles and Charger, This enables users to power the camera directly from the rig itself.

Please ensure to include a camera power cable to D-Tap, if you wish to power from the Gimbal batteries, as none are supplied with our kits.



Movi Pro ring



Movi-Hire 2016 Crew reel


MoVI Pro Hire 

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