RT Motion Mk3 Remote Follow Focus Rental from Movi Hire cheap rental London Bristol Manchester and Leeds UK

RT Motion Mk3.1 Remote Follow Focus

1 Day Hire £100 + VAT

3 Day Hire £250 + VAT

7 Day Hire £400 + VAT

Weekend Hire £100 + VAT

The RT Motion Mk3 is smallest and lightest unit currently available on the market, this is particularly important when combining the device for Freefly Movi operation.

The RT Motion Mk3.1 Remote Follow Focus system is super smooth and responsive whilst being virtually silent. Another great feature is the 3 speed settings, smooth, normal or fast, which can be changed for the style of pull you’ll be doing. Already it’s receiving some amazing reviews with many users opting for this device over more expensive alternatives. RT Motion Mk3.1 is an ultra powerful wireless follow focus unit with a range of 1.5KM (line-of-sight). Our current kit is the RT Motion Mk3.1 which has 1 motor only, although the system has the capability to connect upto 3 motors. The motor and receiver are both powered via D-tap. D-Tap included. We have D-tap to Lipo conversion cables available on request. The controller takes Canon LP-E6 batteries. Each battery lasts at least a day depending on usage. We supply 2 batteries & charger with the kit.

RT Motion MK3.1 Remote Follow Focus

World’s smallest and lightest lens control system
OLED menu screen with easy to use menu system.
Ultra powerful wireless, up to 1,500 meters line-of-sight.
Automatic and Manual lens calibration.
Adjustable motor response, Slow, Fast, Normal.
No noticeable latency.
Run-stop support for Arri, Alexa, Red EPIC, Red One, Phantom, LANC and Black Magic.
Simultaneous control of all axis(Focus, Iris & Zoom)
Fluid feel focus control knob.
4 Axis as standard (Knob, Slider, A and B), 6 with optional force-joystick (X and Y).
Fast, Accurate, Quiet, Powerful and Smooth.
Worlds first brushless vector drive motor – Faster response, Smoothness, 4x service life than any other system.
Ultra strong, thin and flexible cables allow for reduced weight, less strain, and easier routing.
Lightweight and compact- 115x40x26mm, 212g.

RT Motion Mk3 Remote Follow Focus Rental from Movi Hire cheap rental London Bristol Manchester and Leeds UK

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