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The HotNews newsletter is delivered to AUGI members on a monthly basis and includes important news from Autodesk. To subscribe, simply log in to MY AUGI and select HotNews from the subscribing options. You can choose which topics you would like to receive and what frequency you would like to receive it. You can also view past editions of the newsletter to see which topics you’ve missed out on.

The term “hot news” comes from an aspect of copyright law, which focuses on legal protections for published works with clear authorship. In addition, hot news refers to news that does not diminish its economic value over a short period of time. In short, hot news relates to news that is relevant, has a short timeframe, and is complicated to analyze. Although this concept may seem counterintuitive to the general public, it’s still useful in certain circumstances, and it can help protect trademarks and other forms of intellectual property.

As an IT professional, you should subscribe to HotNews to receive the latest SAP updates. The newsletter is free to sign up for and includes useful filtering options, and an RSS feed that is free and secure. You can use HotNews to get the latest news, security vulnerabilities, and other information right in your inbox. HotNews also includes Important Notes, which are documents detailing new SAP features. For reference purposes, these documents are categorized by product, and you can also filter your subscription to specific topics or products.

HotNews offers news and information in English, Russian, and Romanian, along with podcasts and video documentaries. The site’s content is updated several times a day, and headlines are available in both languages. HotNews is accessible for all audiences, and the site’s RSS feed attracts over two million visitors each month. In addition to articles and videos, HotNews also features video documentaries and interviews. HotNews is a reliable source of Romanian news.