HotNews Publishing Guidelines


The underlying principle of “hot news” has been recognized by the United States Supreme Court in a 1918 case. Although the Second Circuit recently overruled this doctrine because of copyright laws, the concept remains relevant in some situations. While copyright laws are not precludeable by HotNews, it is important to remember that this doctrine can protect trademarks. Therefore, it is essential to give appropriate attribution to the creators of the material in question.

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The concept of hot news is useful for copyright enforcement. In 1918, the United States Supreme Court recognized the concept of “hot news” in a case involving a war report stealing from AP journalists in Europe. Since then, the INA has expanded the concept of “hot news” to other states. In many states, hot news is a protected term. However, copyright laws still apply. Here are some hot news publishing guidelines:

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Moreover, news also includes live events televised around the world. The use of these events without permission is considered copyright infringement. Thus, Hot News doctrine protects the importance of these live events and their commercial value. This doctrine also protects live events whose time-frame has passed. So, it is important to remember that a news story that has been published a while ago is no longer relevant. The more time that passes, the more it loses its value.

Besides, the scope of the hot-news misappropriation claim is not very broad, but its application is limited. In short, the plaintiff must have a sufficient prima facie case to prevail. The plaintiff’s use must not violate the other intellectual property rights. However, there are some instances when it is justified to sue for hot news. It is important to note that the INS decision in this case will help plaintiffs file hot news lawsuits.

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