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SAP users can subscribe to the Hotnews newsletter to receive the latest news and updates for SAP products and services. The newsletter is divided into two categories – urgent and non-urgent. Urgent HotNews are updates that will affect the business, while non-urgent HotNews are less important changes that may have a minimal impact. Subscribers can customize the newsletter by selecting a favorite system, and can confirm whether or not to take action. In addition, they can mark HotNews as irrelevant and unsubscribe from the newsletter.

The AUGI HotNews is a monthly email that includes articles, special offers from Autodesk, and upcoming events. Subscribers can customize their subscriptions to only receive the items that interest them most. To subscribe to HotNews, visit MY AUGI, and click the ‘Subscribe to HotNews’ option. The subscription form will appear in your AUGI profile, so you will receive the newsletter each month.

Although the United States Supreme Court recognized the concept of hot news, it has not ruled on whether companies can sue for stealing it. In the case of NBA v. Motorola, a company allegedly infringed upon hot news. The Court held that the copyright law preempted the hot news tort. In this case, hot news is likely to survive only in rare instances. So, companies that use HotNews in the future should follow the guidelines for a fair use of their content.

Besides that, the NBA’s case has a clear line between what can and cannot be claimed as “hot news” under the law. Despite the lack of evidence in the case, it has been determined that the NBA’s misappropriation claim does not amount to exclusive copyright rights under Section 106 of the Constitution. However, this does not mean that the courts will halt all such actions under Section 107. For this reason, it is important to remember that the NBA’s hot-news misappropriation lawsuits are not equivalent to copyright rights.

In addition to SAP news, HotNews has a filtering feature and RSS feed that enables subscribers to customize their subscriptions to suit their preferences. Subscribers will receive alerts about updates to SAP software and applications. Ultimately, HotNews is an invaluable resource for SAP professionals. As it is free to sign up, HotNews is a great tool for IT professionals. So, why wait? Subscribe today and enjoy the benefits it has to offer!

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