SAP HotNews Review


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The hot news doctrine was first introduced by the United States Supreme Court in 1918. At that time, there was no copyright act and newspapers communicated news in the shortest possible time. In this context, the Associated Press and the International News Service competed by employing journalists to cover and write about news events. The articles were then supplied to affiliated newspapers across the country. The hot news doctrine is not applicable in all instances. Therefore, you must be careful when using HotNews.

The main objective of HotNews is to inform you about news and information that affects your life. In addition to articles written in Romanian, the website also features articles in English and Russian. It also features videos and podcasts. Despite being primarily in Romanian, HotNews has more than 250,000 unique visitors each day and three million monthly. Its content is updated regularly. This website is one of the leading news sites in Romania.

While there is a broad interpretation of the 1976 Act, the language of the case suggests that the legislature intended to preserve the breadth of a “hot-news” INS-like claim. It is unclear how that exception applies to the Second Circuit. The majority opinion in Motorola v. National Basketball Association focuses on the breadth of the ‘hot news’ exception. However, the court notes that a hot news INS-like claim can be made under state law.