How HotNews Can Help You Stay Informed

“HotNews” is a concept that originated in the United States Supreme Court, which recognized it prior to the passage of the Copyright Act. The term hotnews originated in the days when the fastest method of news distribution was through wire services, such as the Associated Press and International News Service. Wire services employed journalists to cover major events and distribute them to their affiliated newspapers. Other newspapers would publish these articles in their own publications and, in some cases, use them as their own.

Subscribers to SAP HotNews can customize their feeds to receive information about new features and products. Subscribers can opt to subscribe to “SAP TopNotes” which provide important information about specific modules, such as post-implementation steps. This tool is free and can help keep you abreast of the latest SAP products and innovations. While HotNews may not be perfect for every application, it is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest product releases and industry news.

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While the Second Circuit has not considered a “hot news” misappropriation claim, it has held that the NBA’s claim in Feist did not amount to exclusive copyright rights under Section106. The court’s decision essentially affirmed the first application of the Hot News Doctrine in India. But the court noted that in some cases, a court cannot consider the scope of a hot-news misappropriation claim if it does not apply to the content of the news.